Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall Oven

Getting Started


The most important thing to consider when buying is what budget must you adhere to. Determining the lowest you are willing to spend and the absolute top amount you would spend should give you a good middle ground budget. For a basic single walled oven, they tend to start around $600, trending up to around $1700 for the more deluxe ones with better features. And double walled units can go as high as $3000 or more for the top of the line models.

Type and Size


Usually you don’t have much choice as to where you will place a wall oven in an existing home. The gas or electric hook-up is already in place. You can certainly remodel the kitchen as you see fit, but the easier thing to do is arrange the items around where your oven opening is already.

For instance, you can change the location of pots and pans to make it easier to reach them in relation to the oven space. Also, you may add a rack to hold some cookware above the oven. Some creativity in organizing your kitchen tools will make the predetermined oven space work nicely in most cases.

Cooking Capacity

Most people want to maximize their cooking capacity in order to be most efficient when cooking meals. Yet many people only need small oven space for occasional meals for one or two people living in a smaller home.

The cooking capacity can vary on different models, ranging from just under 3 cubic ft to over 5 cubic ft.

Big families need big ovens. Small tribes may prefer basic sized inside-oven space.



While there are the conventional styles of all ovens, with the enamel color to match the rest of your kitchen in white, black or beige, you may opt for the more high end look of stainless steel. Almost every oven will come in any of these four distinctions. You may also choose to go ultra lavish and get a French Door style wall oven, which houses the doors side by side in more of a commercial style.

Cleaning is something that will always be a concern when it comes to an appliance that prepares food items. Make sure you get the best finish to make exterior cleaning as easy as possible.


Most retail stores will deliver your new wall oven for you. Some may even offer to hook up the unit so it’s ready to use that same night. Just make sure to have the space ready when the delivery truck arrives. It’s a good idea to have the old oven moved out of the space beforehand, in order to clean the area properly.

Just remember that hooking up an electric stove is a cinch, while gas hook-ups are a bit more technical.


Wall ovens are as important as any appliance in the home. Food is part of what keeps us going and also a great way for families to get together to enjoy each other’s company. The right oven will make those meals much easier to prepare. Not to mention that your oven choice will help with kitchen clean ups.

There’s no need to rush your search for a new wall oven. It’s much better to get all the appliance info, consider each family member’s needs, and then make the buying decision.