Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Ceiling Fans

Consumer Guide to Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan

With so many ceiling fans to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in terminology like blade span, sloped ceiling adaptable, or blade pitch. Still, there is a lot you should consider before buying the ceiling fan that will be appropriate for a specific area in your home. Do you need a fan for rooms with short ceiling to floor height? Or maybe a fan with lights to perform two tasks at once? Or a fan for the high ceiling that will rely on a downrod to suspend the fan? A big ceiling fan for your living room? There is a lot to think before buying a fan. If you want to brush up on all the terminology before making the final decision, this guide can help you. Browse the following chapters to get answers to any questions you may have about fans.


Getting Started

Before getting a fan, think about how you want to control it. Typically, fans are mounted at a box where light fixtures were formerly located. The light switch is replaced with controls that allow for light setting and different speeds. The controls should be made by the same manufacturer as a fan to eliminate hum. Besides, some fans can be controlled remotely, other have a pull chain.

What to Consider When Buying a Ceiling Fan

Size really matters when you think about ceiling fans. Typically, a 400-square-foot room needs a 52-inch fan, 144-square-foot room will look and feel better with a 42-icnh fan. For rooms that are longer than 18 feet two fans are a perfect option. Besides, think where you will place the fan before buying it. The middle of the room is a perfect spot, especially if people gather somewhere close to it. Fans mounted too close to a ceiling will move less air.

Cost Considerations

Ceiling fans can be as cheap as $40 all the way up to hundreds dollars, depending on many factors. A high-quality ceiling fan has several advantages that you cannot find for $40. More expensive fans move air quietly and more effectively. Besides, they are often backed by a nice warranty – 10 years or longer.

The Right Ceiling Fan

Light Kits

Consider Room Design